Augusta Westland: Rajdeep & Sagarika are pillow fighting over finder’s-fee. Nothing wrong with ‘Bribe culture’ says Shekhar Gupta.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has mentioned names of several political leaders and three Indian journalists in the Rs 3,600-crore Agusta Westland  chopper deal supplementary charge-sheet.

Shekhar Gupta one of the three named journalist said if he had not taken kickback, Italian Mata would have kicked him in the back. He also maintained that receiving ‘kickbacks’ either in pocket or in the back was accepted culture during UPA government not only among politicians but also among aam janata of India, ” Why else Indians would elect UPA twice? Think about it Ghoose is ice cream after dinner and UPA has made it a culture, hell i got Padmabhushan for that

Meanwhile Rajdeep was hurt, dismayed, and angered by such treatment by UPA and Italian Mata. He said.”Kal Arnab ka program dekhne ke bad apun rat ka 2 baje tak piya. Sagrika boli khush ho tera naam nahi hai. Apun bola chhinl sali kaam apun ne kiya UPA ka vaste aur paisa Shekhar le gaya. Ye soch ke pee rahela hai apun.” He said the memes on social media has spoiled his language and calm demeanor.

There are many journalist who said they they would have taken money since Indian public has short memory and forgets bad deeds of people.

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