Deepak Kalal refused to play Rahul Gandhi in his biopic! “Main gay hoon par dumb nahi. Please leave me alone.”

Youtube and social media sensation and 5 minute boy friend of Rakhi Sawant (Not the Facebook wali Rakhi Sawant from Guwahati) and India’s first fluid gender Deepak Kalal is in depression and has not sopped crying for last two days. He is hurt and saddened and want to leave India and settle in Kashmir.

We reached out to him in his ‘Copebhavan’ (Sulking chamber) where he was sprawled in acute distress and asked him the matter. Sobbing he recounted the horrendous insult he was inflicted to by a Congressi director. “Ye log mere agent ko bypass karke aaye bole humare pass ek Italian film ka proposal hai. Main to khush hua ki meri kismat chamak gayi. Inhone bataya ki wo Raul Vinci pe film banana chahte hain aur mujhe lead role denge. Baad me pata chala ye Raul Vinchi asal me Rahul Gandhi hai.”

Deepak Kalal went to mirror and looked in it and asked our cameraman Shashi Jaroor, ” Kyam main aapko dumb lagta hoon? Haan main comdedy karta hoon you tube pe ….mere iss mard ke sharir me ek Urmila Mir chhupi hai…ye funny ho sakta hai lekin dumb nahi.”

Deepak Kalal said he is going to file criminal defamation suit on the Dynasty for considering him idiot and offering him a role of an Idiot to play.

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